The feeders attract some different animals, hogs, rabbits, bobcats, chupacabras (seen only in Texas), and various, other ilk.  The water trough draws animals, birds, snakes and of course chupacabras (seen only in Texas).  However, we’re too far north of the border to see any illegals, but I’ve seen game cam “shots” of them standing around a water trough and I’ve seen “shots” of mountain lions and javelinas.

Driving down to San Saba for some dove hunting last year, on the afternoon of September 1st, I did see a mountain lion chasing a herd of deer running across State Highway 16.  This is the Texas Forts Trail and I reported it to our local game warden, he said that he’d seen tracks and deer kills too, but never a mountain lion in Mills County.

Early in the morning of September 14th a young buck, a 5 pointer, was browsing in the feeder pen and a cottontail rabbit sauntered in, the game cam got them both.  This buck only shows 3 points, but he has 2 on the other side and he has no brow tines, he’s only 2-1/2 so he’ll fill out and be a nice one.

Then at almost straight up midnight on the 17th, a bobcat was caught on the game cam, its short tail is apparent.  Around the water trough, 3 weeks ago, one of the “Comedy Crew”, a young coon, fell victim to a furry predator, all that was left were bones, but I identified it by the skull.

Early in the morning of the 18th a hog, the second one I’ve seen on my ranch showed up.  Recently I’ve also seen hog sign, rootings around the water trough.  This one comes by the feeders and I haven’t got a “shot” of it yet by the water trough.

Now for a “shot” of a chupacabra (seen only in Texas)!