More Outdoors Pictures, September 17, 2010

James Crumley, my neighbor, just got back from an elk hunt near Cuba, New Mexico with his son and brother and we talked at length about it.  He said they were covered up with elk, but kept passing up shots with their bows, until it was too late to get one.  They didn’t take cameras on their hunts so nothing but mind pictures of all the elk they saw, but they did take a pic of James and his son loading up of loading up a mule. 

Here’s a pic of James riding into the camp with Brownie in tow.  James said that after they made camp, he rode Brownie for                                              the rest of the trip.

Everett Sims sent me some game cam shots from his ranch in Jackson County, Texas.  This one shows a nice deer looking right at the camers.  Is he smiling?


The other one shot by the same game camera shows two of the big boys dukin’ it out.  It’s too early for them to be fighting over does so they are probably just practicing or fighting over the corn?

Randy Pfaff in Colorado sent me this pic of a bear in his tree stand.  Randy said he let the bear have it and walked, hurriedly away.