More Pictures of Writin’ Spiders

On September 13, Donna from “[Rubber Ducky Nursery, Donnas Reborns]” left a comment on my post of August 8, 2008, “[The Writin’ Spider]”. Checking out her site, I’ll admit that I’m not much into dolls, but what this lady does remaking dolls is unbelievable and I heartily recommend that you check this website out!

Yesterday I was out mowing the yard around the old, rock house and found two webs in progress from two writin’ spiders. In 2008 I came across one web and spider, but didn’t notice any last year, but it looks like the 2008 hatch was successful!

The first one that I ran across was in the yard and it was just building its nest under the branches of a cottonwood tree.

The second, under an eve and behind a hanging ladder, was busily adding to its web and I “shot” these two good                                                pictures of its endeavors.

Remember, don’t kill these big spiders because they are one of a gardens and a yards good guys, specializing in undesirable insects!