More, Outdoors Pictures, October 7, 2012

This past week Layla and I have been in Paris, Texas, taking care of Suzanne, our daughter, Suzanne Culbertson, who has been diagnosed with Lymphoma, the very curable kind.  Suz’s husband Paul currently is in Korea and will be back this week, in fact, I’ll be heading back to Paris today.

But, the game cams keep taking “shots” all day and night long, taking some almost funny ones.  In the first one, the game cam at the water trough needed its date and time changed, but a skunk showed up (they need water too) and ran off a young coon,

The second “shot” shows the comedy crew and one of them is playing around under water.

This “shot” shows the Lop Sided Buck trying to “stand down” probably the same skunk, they must need to eat also.  This skunk has been around both houses, but I’ve never got a clear shot on him!

The last “shot” is of the 3 hogs, brazenly feeding in the feeder only 2 days after I sat in MaMaws blind and sweated, however the sweating may  be a thing of the past since we had a nice cool front come in yesterday.