More Outdoors Pictures, October 5, 2009

Randy Pfaff sent me this picture of a six foot long red snake. What kind of snake is it – a red racer, a red bull snake, or what? It’s a big one and quite perturbed by Randy’s attempt at identification!
Dave Lazor, a friend and softball buddy who moved away from our salubrious climes on the Gulf Coast to the rainy, chilly northwest, Washington, to be exact, sent me this picture of two nice steelheads that he recently caught in the Columbia River.
Several friends sent me these next two pictures are of a Texas Power & Light construction crew near Halletsville, Texas and two surprising finds they encountered inside one of their culverts.
First are seventy-eight, rattle snakes!

And, topping the snakes is an eighteen-foot alligator. This gator is probably seventy or eighty years old! Just think, in my post on April 6, 2009, Poor Planning, I wrote about a supposedly gator free, wade fishing trip that I took on a ranch outside of Halletsville.
Now they tell me!