More Outdoors Pictures, October 27, 2010

In spite of the heavy winds and full moon, last Sunday evening I went out to the new tripod stand to see if any deer were moving around. Walking toward the stand I almost stepped on these tracks of a big, deer.

Close inspection, to me, because of the depth of the track at the rear, I’ll call it a mature, buck and a nice one! And no, I didn’t see any deer movement.

This series of “shots” from the game cam shows my melanistic, deer, and yes, I have officially classified it as a melanistic. It showed up in the morning, then the rain came through and then it showed up in the afternoon.
This storm, which dropped staggering amounts of rain along I-35 and west of us near San Angelo, spawned tornadoes last Saturday and Monday south of Dallas, one of which near Rice, Texas injured several and was captured on video. It was wild, weather north of us, but we got no tornadoes and only .2 inches of rain which was welcomed! Now the same storm is pounding the mid west.