More Outdoors Pictures, June 20, 2013

Today’s “shots” from the game cams show just how fast deer antlers will grow.  In the first one, 2 nice (they will be soon) bucks are within the fence of the feeder, another nice one is on the outside, the 2 in the feeder are regulars and the one on the outside is a new one.  Notice the horns on both bucks and compare it to the “shot” on the 11th, the ends of the horns have “sprouted” since the earlier “shot”.
Antlers can grow up to ½ inch per day and since we are feeding them protein along with corn from their looks, it seems we are doing something right! During antler development they are very sensitive to the touch and this is the time when most antler breakage occurs.

Now for the doe, they are still pregnant and doing fine, but right about now and for the rest of the summer, they’ll start dropping their fawns.