It’s a wonder how a buck grows antlers so hard that they break off during the rut during the fights that buck go through mating.  Today, buck’s are in their formative stage of antler development, the growth stage and the painful stage where damage to the horns brings pain.

Both “shots” are of the same buck, one “shot” on June 11th and the other “shot” on June 21st.  On the buck on the right, the “shot” on the 11th shows no real growth on the ends of the horns, but the “shot” on the 21st shows significant development on the ends. The 21st has new growth on the end, a new horn is forming and on the other antler a new one is about two days away.  He’ll be at least a good 8 pointer!
The 6 doe in the “shot” are still pregnant.  Some, in the area, have dropped their fawns and some are still waiting to drop theirs.