More Outdoors Pictures, February 14, 2011

My friends keep sending me some neat outdoors pictures and one very unusual one from Dave Lazor, a Senior Softball buddy from Washington.  He sent me this one that shows a pride of mountain lions.  I always thought that mountain lions were solitary and wouldn’t covey up like these pictured.

One of my teammates from last year, Everett Sims, sent me some pics from game cameras on their ranch in Jackson County, on the Texas coast.  The first pic taken on, January 25th shows 2 bobcats, with one of them exiting through the fence wire.

The next pic shows  2 bucks, one a 10 pointer with a palmated antler and he’ll be a shooter next season!  Down south of us the bucks haven’t shed their antlers.

The most unusual is a “shot” of a young buck and a bobcat, both within the feeder wire.  The buck is keeping an eye on the cat who’s busy with something else.  I wonder if the bobcats are eating the corn?