More Outdoors Pictures, August, 14, 2010

My friends send me a lot of good outdoors pictures, but sometimes I get lucky and get some good “shots”. Last Monday afternoon was one of those days.

Preparing to bale our hay, on August 9, we cut our twenty-five acre hay field. We finished before 6:00 PM and within an hour, the deer, probably around twenty, scattered all over the field, started showing up to browse on the exposed forbs and cuttings. Some of my “shots” follow.

My last “shot” was on a young buck about two hundred, yards away.

Tuesday morning, I saw, but didn’t get a “shot” of a great deer, eight points with at least a twenty-inch spread. Seventy-five yards from our back porch, he looked to be four and a half years old and he was with four other bucks, including the one in the picture from the ninth.