More Outdoors Pictures, August 16, 2010

One of my softball teammates, Ev Sims, sent me these pictures of some real good deer he and his Son have coming into one of their feeders on their ranch. Last year, before deer season opened, Ev sent me the picture of a ten pointer they had caught on the game camera. This, the best deer they had seen on their ranch, was on my post [More Outdoor Pictures, November 6, 2009]. After the season opened, Ev’s Son shot the big one and posted it on November 19, 2009, “[We Got Him]”. This year, some excellent deer are already showing up on their game camera.

This one, a nice deer, is pictured on the right.


Picking up all this corn is really tiring. Must be time for a nap.

Finally, this last picture shows some good deer, but the one in the back by the blind, is really a “keeper”. Blowing up the picture, this deer has a drop tine on its right. If I were more technical I would show the blown up “shot”, but, still, it is a big one!