Gone For More Softball

Today, Stumpy and his Texans will be in Irving, Texas, playing in the Southwest Regional Championships. We’ll be playing against our instate rivals, the Greyhounds, finally getting to play Oklahoma who we haven’t faced since Irving in March, 2009 and we’ll get to square things with Kansas City, a team that, in an earlier tournament, in two innings, scored ten runs on us, with the ball being hit out of the infield, only twice. This was in my July 6 post of, “[Been To Kansas City]”

As we get ready for the Nationals in Dalton, Georgia, we’ll be only missing two of our players, so we should make a good showing, but who knows, what will take place. Who knows, since we’ll be playing on a square field, using a round ball and a round bat? But, like General Lee said in 1864, “Texans always move them!” We’ll try to move them, win the tournament and get prepared for Dalton on September 2.