Hog Trap

Our score on our hog trap is two captures, but no hogs!

Last year in early November, our first score was on a young bull, calf. He had ambled into the trap to sample the corn scattered about. We released him and he scooted back to mama. But, of course, on that release we didn’t take a camera along with us!

On this past Monday a Deputy Sheriff stopped by our house and told Layla that we had a doe caught in our hog trap. I was in town talking to a natural resources rep about cedar eradication and when I was returning home she called and told me the news, adding, “Hurry up!”

We hurried out to the trap, and sure enough, there stood the doe, securely ensconced!

When I walked up to release the doe, she became quite excited and banged around the trap, but as I opened the door she took off in full high, speed; way to quick for a picture.

Maybe, our third score will be a charm and we’ll trap a hog?