Goose And Duck Hunting

Now that Deer season is ending and our special doe and spike hunt ends on January 20, I wanted to recount several stories about a couple of wonderful Goose and Duck hunting spots, “The Katy Prairie”, west of Houston and the marshes and rice fields around Anahuac, east of town. Always having lived on the west, I spent much more time on “The Prairie”, but was involved in some memorable hunts on the Anahuac Prairie side. Anahuac was east of Houston, in Chambers County.

Both places had huge concentrations of Geese and, I believe, that Anahuac had more Ducks. Urban sprawl has killed “The Prairie”, but Anahuac still offers some fine Duck hunting. Its secret is that Trinity Bay, and the Trinity River bottom lands, blocks the eastward sprawl of metropolitan Houston.

Like any hunting spots, I had good days and bad ones, but a bad one never kept me from going back again! Some of these adventures follow.