A Hot Time In Crystal City

By chance, in 1990, I met up with a person I hadn’t seen in years, Eldred Lawrence. Eldred was a friend of my former father-in-law, with whom I had remained on good terms with over the years. Eldred was looking for another gun on a two thousand acre, quail/dove lease in Crystal City, Texas. Boy, did he find one! I was on this lease for three years and from first hunt to last hunt, this was some of the consistently best shooting I have ever experienced.

Jon and Gus “on point” near Crysal City pictured above.

Layla and I drove down to look it over and quickly decided it would work out fine for us. The lease was a three-hour plus drive from our home in Cypress so I could leave at 5:00 AM and be hunting by 8:30 and be back by 8:30 PM. Gasoline prices were around $.75 per gallon.