Deer Watching, September/October, 2011

Keeping harping about our serious drought, over the last 2 weeks we’ve had .7 inches of rain, not a drought breaker, but enough to wet our whistles and the little front even lowered our temps 10 to 15 degrees!  The rain has encouraged forbs and other things that deer browse on to grow just a little and the deer have responded!

As we were sitting on our back porch enjoying the cool afternoon, doe and fawns started to congregate in our field causing me to make a mad rush into the house to get the camera.  Camera secured, I waited until the deer got in somewhat of a group, the results being this “shot”.

The ground was damp from 2 showers and this picture is of a nice, big deer, track, right beside the gate to my garden, the gate being shut, of course.  At night we’ve seen 6 or 8 deer browsing around our yard, but thank goodness, they haven’t learned how to open gates!

Not only did this doe and her 2 fawns browse in our yard, but they did it when Layla was sitting outside waiting for me.  Now, with zero cows, the gate into the ranch proper remains open and these 3 deer walked right past Layla, not caring if she was there or not.  Rushing into the bedroom to get my camera, the results was this “shot” of the doe and fawns browsing around!