The Corn Feeder, October 3, 2011

Over the last week we’ve had .7 inches of rain, not a drought buster, but certainly well received! The rain has caused the forbs and little greens the deer eat to come out and browse more, but some big bucks have been frequenting the new feeder.  The first to come up on the 24th of last month was this tall 9 pointer.  This was not the 9 pointer shown in my post of September 15th, “[The Water Trough]”.

Later that morning a wide 8, another new, husky buck, showed up accompanied by a younger 6.

On the 25th a scraggly 8, seen before, came in to get a bite.

The morning of the 26th a 7 came in, then a little later a wide 6 showed.  Both of these deer have been “shot” before,
Finally this “magnificent” spike, 2 curved horns and all, came in.  This one shows vivid results of our prolonged drought!