Deer Watching, October 7, 2011

Last Saturday, while working on my food plots (where’s the rain?), I pulled both my right and left quads in my back and have been laid up since then, not even knowing there were any quads in my back, I tried to keep going, but finally, I couldn’t even stand up straight.  Monday, the doc advised me to keep heat on the back and he gave me some stretching exercises for the muscles, but it hurts like heck getting in and out of bed!

After breakfast Wednesday morning, still laid up, I happened to glance outside and a spotted fawn, it seems late for them to still have spots, was walking in the backyard, right by the house and hurrying (slowly) back to get Layla’s camera, raising the blinds and through the window and screen, got this “shot” of the fawn walking in the backyard.

Then the fawn walked the length of the house, turned around and started browsing and I got these “shots” through the back door.
Then the fawn did something most strange, it walked over under a big mesquite tree and lied down, giving me this “shot”.

Hunching down, the only way I can walk now, I shuffled over to the old, rock house to scan the pictures of the deer and out of the corner of my eye, as I walked, stole a glance and the fawn was still under the tree, happily snoozing!

Later in the afternoon, as I was walking back to the “big” house carrying my camera, glancing over, I saw the fawn had moved and was sitting in the shade of the grand kids playhouse and I got this “shot”.

Thursday afternoon the little deer was back under the mesquite tree.  Looks like it’s got a new home!