Deer Watching, December 25, 2009

Not hunting on Christmas Day, sure enough at dusk/dark, with the wind calmed, out popped the does and yearlings. It was one of those times that I knew the deer would be moving and feeding. Thursday’s snow had almost all melted, the high winds had ended, temperatures were up to around forty and the deer were hungry.

This picture shows fourteen of the eighteen deer that were feeding in my field. There were four more to the left, but I couldn’t get them in. The closest ones were about a hundred yards beyond the fence, a real easy shot.

Logic says that, based on twenty-eight day cycles, all of these does haven’t been in estrus, so, where the does are, the bucks will be close by and that includes me on Saturday at dusk/dark!

No good, “shootable” buck was seen on Saturday PM!