Deer Watching, December 30, 2009

Our deer season, buck harvesting, is slipping away and will end one half hour after sunset, or 6:11 PM, January 3, 2010. Not settling for a young buck, I have held my fire, hoping the big ‘un comes along.

Monday morning, the 28th, just before sunrise, with the outside temperature hanging on twenty-three, too cold for me, I was looking out the kitchen window watching a doe when this young buck, tall rack, eight points with at least an eighteen inch spread, came out. He paid no attention as I dashed out to get some wood for the fire. Calling Layla, she enjoyed watching this fine, young, deer too! He wasn’t the big ‘un I’ve seen twice, but he’ll be pressing him next year.

Monday afternoon I was snuggled down into a cedar tree along a well used, trail when a spike ambled by. Passing on it because starting Thursday, we’ll have hunters (Grandkids), I didn’t see a big one, but maybe tomorrow?

Tuesday dawned cloudy and snowing! Our forecast was for rain all day, clouds, little wind, with the temp hovering around thirty-four. A nasty day! This was our third snow in a month and the deer will sit this out probably until Wednesday.

About this snow, this is central Texas, not Iowa. Am I going to have to get me a snow shovel?