A White Christmas

Thursday, as we were leaving home, a slight sprinkle of snow, our second of the year, driven by a big wind, was falling. The Christmas front had hit! Thinking to myself, If this snow keeps up, I could see my first white Christmas, never having been blessed with one in Virginia, Arizona, Georgia or my home, Houston

Layla and I drove south, pushed by the strong northwest wind, past Austin, to Buda and finished our Christmas shopping at Cabella’s. Before we left we called our Daughter, Laura, and she told us that it had been snowing all day in Goldthwaite

Driving home into the wind and keeping the speedo under sixty-five, we made fair time until we reached Lampassas, where it really started to snow, and with the temp, at thirty-two, it was sticking. The farther north we drove the temp continued to fall and by the time we reached home, snow covered the ground, and almost everything else.


At 5:30 PM with the temperature below thirty, I knew we were in for a white Christmas!


   Christmas morning dawned perfect. Snow everywhere, bright sunshine and twenty-three degrees! What a day!

Layla and I sat close to the stove in our great room, she with her coffee and me with my tea, and read the second chapter of Luke in our Bible, the story of our Saviors birth and early years. What a way to celebrate my first ever, white Christmas.