Deer Season, November 21, 2012

On Monday, November 19th, Mickey Donahoo and I went out to try and get a doe or a spike.  Way before first light, probably before legal shooting time too, I saw a buck come gliding by, this was a really good one and from what I could see maybe neared the big one that I had shot previously.  Grunting, the buck stopped for a moment, then resumed his hunt for a doe.

Right at sun up, Mickey saw a real nice 8 pointer, with tall horns, probably this year a 3-1/2 year old and right now would score over 120 B&C.  It will be a big buck in the years to come!  You know, I really cuss our county’s one, buck limit, but it allows the bucks more time to develop and produce bigger racks!  Maybe it’s not so bad after all.

About an hour into the mornings hunt I noticed a buck just standing behind a mesquite tree, no frosts yet and the trees are still loaded with leaves!

He just stood there for a few minutes then he came out, nice brow tines, good horns, an 8 pointer, probably another 3-1/2, but not the nice one Mickey had seen earlier.

He dawdled around, I took more pictures then he walked on into the thick stuff.

Mickey saw more doe, but no shooters, not the big one he was looking for so our morning hunt drew to a close.  Mickey was interested in seeing a picture first hand of my big buck, he’d seen the one in the newspaper, grainy and all but wanted a real picture.  His remark was, “Wow!”  He’s a taxidermist and will do this buck and he said it would score 140 to 150 B&C.  Just so long as it’s over 130, I’ll be happy!