Deer Season, November 18, 2012

The last day the hogs showed up was November 9th, that figures because on Tuesday the 13th, I got the hog trap back operating, I replaced the springs on the door and adjusted the trap lever.  Where’d the hogs go, no sign of their further depredations or droppings, where’d they go?

Mills County is currently blessed (?) with Special Antler Restrictions from our Parks and Wildlife Department, ie, a one, buck county, I’ve got a big one and it’s still not scored yet. So, if I want another buck, I’ll have to go behind a high fence or at least to another county, without antler restrictions.

Turning my attention to spikes and doe, we need to start thinning the doe out and there’s only one spike, he showed up at the water trough the last night I had the game cam there, but there’s a very strange horned young, buck that I couldn’t figure if it was a spike or a maybe a deformed buck.  Sending the picture of the buck to the Game Warden, he replied that it was a spike and could be harvested as one.  The ‘shots’ of the spike follow.

For me, my hunting season is about over, but now the fun starts and here come the grand kids!