It took me almost a year, but I finally got the game cam “shots” of a wounded buck, feeding on December 23rd last year. It’s a long story, mostly about my own foul ups, but these “shots” are astounding.  First, on the 23rd, the buck comes into MaMaw’s blind, obviously no one was hunting there and, probably, it had just been grazed in the chest by a misaimed bullet.

Then, on the 25th, Layla doesn’t let anyone hunt on Christmas day, the same wounded buck was chasing a couple of yearlings, one a button buck, the other a doe away from the feeder at the corner blind.  He didn’t catch the little doe because I followed both over the months and she had no fawn.  However, now, she’s chased her brother off, he’s a 4 pointer waiting for next year and she’s out trying to find a buck.  That’s the way things go!

Because of the severe drought last year, antler development was poor and I have no way of knowing, if the wounded buck has survived this long into the new season, but I do know that the big buck that I shot on November 7th, definitely had not been wounded before!