Deer Season, November 14, 2012

Getting back from Suzanne’s in Paris, Texas, late on Sunday night, the first time I got to go after the hogs again was on Monday evening.  This time the feeder didn’t go off and, of course, nothing showed up.

Yesterday I went to Marble Falls, this is the same place that produced the marble, tons of it, for our magnificent State Capitol, not sightseeing though, I attended a meeting of the local chapter of the Sons Of The American Revolution, also since I had multiple Grandfather’s that served in the fight for our freedom, this will help me to chose the correct one for membership.

Back to deer hunting, the hogs are back and showed up on the night of November 9th, the hog trap is ready, the feeder has a new battery and my red night light is all charged, so tonight I will be back in MaMaw’s blind for a go at the hogs, here’s 2 of the rascals.

Monday afternoon was a mad house, the Editor and owner of the local newspaper, The Goldthwaite Eagle, wanted me to take some pictures of my big buck for the paper, this week’s edition of course.  Easier said than done though because I didn’t know if the local processor, Mills County Locker, had caped the deer or not.  One call to the locker was all it took for me to go by the processor, pick the buck up and take it to the owner’s house for pictures, but I still don’t have the buck aged or scored.  Pictures made and the results are below.

The passers by, U.S. Highway 183 and Texas Highway 16 (The Texas Forts Trail) are Goldthwaite’s main street, needless to say, the buck created a lot of stares in the back of my pickup!