Deer Season, January 19, 2013

It rained on January 8th and 9th, a signal event because we’d only had sprinkles since June!  Here’s a picture of rain puddles “shot” on the 9th.

Last week I spent in Paris, Texas taking Suzanne for her treatment in Dallas.  Things went fine and she’ll be back at work on Monday, then another treatment on January 28th.  This will be the 8th treatment, only 4 more to go!

It looks like only one of the bucks made it to next season this is the “fighter” that tried to pick one with the buck that I shot on November 7th, see my post on November 8, 2012, “[Challenge Unanswered]”.  This buck made it through the 2012/2013, season.  He will be 4-1/2 next year and notice his main beam, on the right, is broken and both brow tines are broken off.  He’ll live to fight another season!  A rabbit is also shown in this “shot”, it’s been a tough year on rabbits with the drought and all.

Here’s a fox that came up to the water trough on the early morning of the 16th.

Another “shot” of the “fighter”, I believe that will be his name from now on.

This special spike and doe season ends at 5:59 PM tomorrow, we’re having company so for sure, I won’t go this afternoon, but who knows about Sunday?