Deer Season, January 25, 2013

Well, the final count is in, Tim shot a nice buck, a 9 pointer, I shot the big one, a 10, Tim added a doe and a spike to his tally and Sean shot a spike. Colton only hunted once all season, college you know, so there was no massive kill of doe and spike, just kidding!

At legal shooting time this past Sunday, the Special Doe and Spike season ended, there were no hunters at my ranch, period, for the entire special season and December 30th was the last time that I went out! My big buck will be ready today, I’ve called Mickey with no response and, when he responds, I’ll go right oven and pick it up, otherwise, not much going on around here, the season is over, the hunters have all gone home and our “honey hole” isn’t providing any duck shooting, poor me! With the very dry spring and summer there’s no food and ducks are really scrambling.

Getting ready for the upcoming season, no not hunting season, Senior Softball starts in March, Mickey and I will start working out in mid February. However, he’s really stumping around with an Achilles tendon problem. It pained him last year, but ibuprofen enabled him to play for the entire season, but who knows this year, maybe an operation for him is in the future?