Counting Coup

Spring turkey season opened this morning, but I want to recount a very unusual chain of events that occurred the morning of April 2nd.
By 7:15 AM I was snugly sitting against an oak tree in some real thick stuff and 8:30 found me still sitting, and getting very uncomfortable, and thinking that I wouldn’t see or hear a bird this morning. Since I was just scouting, I didn’t have a decoy set up and had started clucking around 8:00 with no luck. Figuring that if a gobbler responded he would come in close to try and find the hen and, maybe, I could get a picture.

Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble and I jumped a foot. The bird was only 70 yards to my left. He’d snuck in real close before announcing his presence. My clucks were responded with a gobble, gobble, gobble and he was bobbing his head up and down trying to locate the hen in the thick cover. Not moving much I started snapping pictures and because of the thick cover I couldn’t get a good “shot”.In he came and was masked by a cedar tree and I clucked twice, figuring that he’d come on in real close or it would scare him off.

There were two openings in the brush around me and he walked through one, not seven feet from me and I kept clicking and was rewarded with this picture. He never saw me and if I’d had my coup stick with me I could’ve counted coup on him.Still looking for the elusive hen he walked to my right and gobbled, gobbled, gobbled right in my ear.

He gobbled once more and walked passed the other opening and I got this “shot”. What a nice gobbler and he’s only ten feet from me!

Losing interest in the hidden hen, the gobbler turned and walked into an opening in the thick stuff.

See ya’ soon big guy!