An Update On Brad, 27 October 2008

On Monday, 20 October, Brad visited his Oncologist in San Antonio and received more encouraging news! The antibody treatment that he began in May is still showing results. The treatment has caused a rash that the Doctor is treating, but still, in most cases, the worse the rash, the better the success!
Two weeks ago Brad had a bone scan and CT scan. His Doctor told him on Monday that the bone scan was clear and the CT scan showed that the tumors had shrink or remained the same size! Brad looks great, he weighs 195 and this past Saturday we worked getting the place ready for deer season opener on 1 November.

Here’s Brad sighting in his M-14.
His next visit to his Doctor will be in late November and I’ll update his status then.
Thank you for your prayers and keep praying and keep expecting a miracle!