Youth Hunts, 2004

Each year, The Sovereign State of Texas allows a youth hunt the weekend before the regular Deer season opens and in 2004 I had 2 Grandsons, Colton Mitchell and Bradley Bryan, that were “chompin’ at the bit” to take advantage of this opportunity. Both were excellent shots, had attended the State’s hunter safety course and had been hunting Deer since they were 8 and each had enjoyed several successful hunts.

As the youth hunt was approaching both boys had asked me to take them since their Dads were both out of town. Colton’s Dad, my Son-In-Law, Mike Mitchell, was working in west Texas and Bradley’s Dad, my Son Brad, was serving a tour with the U.S. Army in Iraq. I was still working but made quick arrangements to take a long weekend and guide the boys and inwardly pleased that both had honored me with this request!

Colton was playing youth football and had a game on the Saturday A.M. of the opening and Bradley had some chores on that Saturday and wouldn’t be able to hunt until Sunday P.M., so the hunts were arranged accordingly.

The stories of both hunts will follow.