Colton’s Deer, 2004

Colton is very happy, youth hunter!

The last week of October 2004, was comfortable, not hot and sweaty warm as Colton and I climbed into our famous “Scaffold Blind” that some call an elevated contraption. It is ideal for young hunters since it has plenty of room for 2 people and 2 real comfortable chairs. Only one drawback, it has no roof. As we say, “If its not raining, you won’t get wet.”

Texas hunting law enables hunters to feed or bait Deer and there was a feeder 95 yards south of the Scaffold Blind, tucked into a clearing along several Deer trails. That afternoon we watched several does and yearlings feed on the corn that was on the ground, and to our surprise, a Red Fox trotted not 20 feet in front of the blind. We both wondered what the Fox was doing out this early?

We knew the does would hang around and Colton could take one for “camp meat”, but he was holding out for a nice buck. I’m watching/dozing as Colton whispers, “Poppy, I see a real nice Deer!” “Where, son” I reply? Keeping his hand under the blind’s window he points toward a nearby mesquite tree and sure enough, tucked into the tree is a very nice buck, but I’m afraid there’s too many branches for a clear shot, then Colton says, “Poppy, I can hit him in the neck right below his chin.” I reply, “If you’re sure, take him!”

Bam, Colton’s .257 Roberts barks, and the Deer crumples in his tracks! Colton had hit him dead center! A fine shot!

“Poppy, I got him,” he said as he jumped up to go and admire his feat, but I told him, “Boy, let’s give the Deer 10 or 15 minutes and make sure he’s done.”

The objective of the youth hunt was fulfilled in Colton’s case. The boy shot a nice buck, received proper training from an adult and will be a successful, careful hunter the rest of his life.

A new ranch rule was also established, the next buck he takes, must be bigger than this one!