Winter Storm Continues

With no respite until tomorrow afternoon, the folks in Mills County, Texas, like everybody in the mid west of our Country, has been under the influence of one of the worst winter storms in history! The storm has closed down schools, virtually stopped air travel and made highway traveling iffy at best.

Two days into February, the Chicago area has already experienced a record snow for the month! My friend Randy Pfaff, a Pastor in southern Colorado, e-mailed me that the temp yesterday was 25, but not to worry because by Saturday it will be in the 50’s. He included a picture of some “serious” icicles on one of his outbuildings.

Back to Mills County, around here we’ve had freezing weather since before midnight on January 31st and we won’t see it over 32 until Friday afternoon. That’s 4 days below freezing, very, very unusual for central Texas! Generally a “norther” comes in and drops temps quickly, but they recover to normal within a day, even last year when it hit 8 one day, by the next day it was in the high 30’s.

It has been very cloudy, but Tuesday we had the sun come out for a couple of hours causing a little of the snow to melt, (but it froze right back). My Texas 1015 onions are still proudly sticking above the snow, but some has blown off or melted.

More snow is predicted for tonight. Anyone expect a little Ice Age?