Deep Freeze

Today in central Texas it is colder than a well diggers XXXX!  It’s snowing, 21 degrees, with a wind chill of 5 and the wind is blowing 25-30, gusting over 30!  The cold front that is savaging our Nation hit here last night around midnight with thunder, lightning, sleet and big wind and it hasn’t let up since then.

Here’s the snow, real little flakes, swirling around our back yard (the shooting range and target is in the background).

Then a look at the garden shows 1 inch or more, covering the three rows of Texas 1015 onions, bravely sticking up through the snow.  Those things hanging across the 8 foot, deer fence are uneven pieces of soaker hose.

It’s forcasted that this weather will hang on through Friday, 3-1/2 days below freezing with a low of 12, wow!  This means that I’ll have to break ice so the cows can get water.  Walking over to the old ranch house I even slipped on a patch of ice, but, thank the Lord, I didn’t fall!  I prefer much sunnier and warmer climes!