Where’s Spring

It’s kinda’ the blah time of the year, winter won’t end until March 20th, 2 plus weeks away My deer hunting, with our county’s one-buck season, came to a close early, however the really big buck up on the hall wall made it all worthwhile! Having started my garden, 5 rows are planted, turkey season starts the end of this month so things are moving ahead.

Spring Turkey season starts on March 30th and runs until May 12th. Topping that off there is a special Eastern Gobbler season in limited counties of our State, Lamar County, Paris Texas, being one. Suzanne, my daughter who HAD cancer, lives in Paris and has, after 9 treatments been pronounced cancer free, Praise The Lord! My plan, God willing, is to open the season in Mills County, then it’s off to Lamar County for a try at one of those Eastern Gobblers.

My garden is moving along quite well, having planted 2 rows of Texas 1015 onions, (developed by Texas A&M University), they are the best onions around! Two rows of spinach are just now developing tiny leaves and I’ll harvest them by April 1st. Then, as an experiment, last week I planted a row of sweet potatoes, we like them fried, baked or mashed and it looks like the “country” in Layla and I is finally coming out. The rest of the garden, squash, purple hull peas, tomatoes and jalapeno peppers will be planted well after April 15th.

Why so late, because we’ll have several weeks of nice spring weather, then all of a sudden the temps will drop below freezing, central Texas weather, you know! I’ll still count on the old mesquite trees, when the old ones bud and start filling out, then it’s really spring!