Waiting For Turkey Season

This past Sunday, I drove down to metro Houston, Tomball, Texas to be exact, and attended a going away party for one on my grand nephews, Jarred Buck. Jarred has enlisted in the U.S. Army and leaves next week for Ft. Jackson, S.C. for his basic training. Brad was a big influence on Jarred and his decision to enlist, Jarred, an Eagle Scout, is super qualified for this job and I wish him well for this endeavor!

After the going away party I drove on in to Houston and spent the evening with Chuck and Linda Towne and Monday at 1:00 PM I went on one of the most eventful doctor’s appointments of my life! The doc, who I’d been to several times with my right knee told me right away, “Jon, you don’t need a knee replacement because your right knee is basically strong, just a cortisone shot, (which didn’t hurt at all), some (inhuman) exercises along with heel inserts and within a month or 2 you’ll be fine!” Those were welcome words to my ears because the doc knew me and my love for Senior Softball he was willing go the extra mile for me and rehab my right knee and not resort to a very painful surgery, Praise The Lord!

Eighteen days to turkey season and this one should be fairly good, (they all look fairly good two weeks before), but we’ve had some good rains and very cool nights, maybe the drought is broken and maybe the big birds will be moving around!