Turkey Sign

In 2009 I was scouting around trying to find turkey sign.  Our County and the surrounding central Texas area had been under a severe 24, month draught and turkey sign was almost nonexistent, no tracks, no feathers, nothing.

Before sunup I hid myself close to one of my corn feeders, in the bottom of a cedar tree behind some buck brush and was pleased over the success of my concealment.  One problem however, my field of view was about 10 feet, but this didn’t worry me because I was just wanting to hear a tom gobble in response to my clucking.

Snuggling into my hide, I began scratching on my hand held turkey call.  Cluck, clucking for around 30 minutes with no results, I was getting discouraged when in the distance I heard a tom gobbling!  Responding with small clucks, I was amazed that the tom was coming on in.  Soon out of the corner of my eye, I saw the turkey, a fine looking tom, craning his neck and trying to find the feathered seductress.
Closer he came, until he was right on top of me and I started snapping pictures.  The big bird walked within 6 feet, right past me and finally moved off in turkey frustration on not finding a suitor.

Being a beginning photographer, or even if I was a pro, it would be hard for me to beat these pictures.  About the hunting, no luck on turkeys, this big ‘un was the only tom I saw all season!