Turkey Hunting, March 31, 2012

Tomorrow morning I’ll be hunkered down, camo’d up real good, awaiting a gobbler to show himself.  Previously, having picked our the area, that I’ll be hunting in, it has good cover, sufficient room to set up a decoy or 2 and is sufficiently close to the, sometimes, creek, where, I hope, the big birds are roosting.

Back in 2009 I spent way too much time scouting for turkeys.  Being in the field 4 days before the opener, I had called in a beautiful Rio Grande gobbler, see the picture below, but come shooting time, he was long gone.

Saying, I hope it’s close to where the turkey’s roost, is correct, because I haven’t been out scouting, been trying to catch up on the work around here and doing my income taxes (ugh!), keeping myself out of the woods and not disturb them too much.  However, tomorrow morning will be a different story.

Saturday afternoon I’ll go to a different spot, a good place where I’ve shot 2 turkeys in the past.  Last year, no turkeys, but I did call up a dominique rooster.  See my post on April 12, 2011, “[Rooster Huntin]’”.