Turkey Hunting, April 2, 2012

Up and out before sun up on Saturday morning, after repeated calls, no answering gobbles greeted me.  Moving to another spot, still no answering gobbles, so after 9:00 AM I packed it in.  Saturday afternoon was filled with picture taking and poses for Colton’s senior/junior prom.  It’s hard to believe that he will be graduating and going on to Texas A&M, despite 2 all-state years, no football in his plans, just graduating, then going into business.  The first picture is of Colton, MaMaw and me, the second is MaMaw and Mikayla, her group of sophomores will act as servers for the juniors and seniors and the final is a picture of Colton and his date, Darien.
Sunday morning, Palm Sunday, was spent in church, Sunday afternoon finishing up with our income taxes, in preparation for another turkey hunt Monday.  Monday morning, big wind blowing, found me on a friend’s ranch, hunkered down in a hide between 2 cedar trees.
Calling, calling, still no answering gobbles, then 2 hours later packing it in and heading home.

Maybe the wind has something to do with the lack of gobblers, maybe the hens are all bred and nesting, maybe the toms have moved back toward the river, who knows, but the our local paper said that prospects were good for Mills County and central Texas?  However, I’ll keep after the turkeys, in fact, Mickey Donahoo and I are going out to his hunting lease on Thursday for a 2 day hunt for the big birds.