The Water Trough, July 31, 2011

Almost everything has to have water to thrive and with our severe drought conditions, water is a premium.  The closest water near us is about a half mile away and yesterday, Layla and I drove by it and saw the spring fed pool is almost dry obviously the spring is drying up.

Our home is watered with a 150 foot well and the livestock by a 60, foot well that has been is service since 1920, however the livestock has been sold off.  In fact we still have the old wind pump, or windmill, anchored above the well.  In normal times, this 60, foot well pumps water to the livestock and furnishes water for my garden, now it is dedicated solely to wildlife.

Wildlife are taking advantage of this supply too, in one 28, hour stretch, a raptor, deer and coons showed up.   First, were two doe and four spotted fawns, followed by a young, Coopers hawk.
Later that night, 3 bucks and an unknown variety of a deer came in for a drink.  At midnight, 2 nice 6 pointers came in.  All of these bucks should have much heavier racks, but our drought conditions, since last September, have severely limited production of forbs, acorns and pecans (pronounced in Texas as pe-cons’).  Yes, deer do eat pecans and many times, before and during deer season, we hear the booming guns used to scare deer out of the vast pecan orchards in our area.
Just past midnight, this pot bellied, buck was scared by the camera, or something else, and took off at high speed, but he couldn’t hide his pot.  He’s probably 7 or 8 years old, but who knows, until we check his teeth.  Then, here came the coons for a drink.
Finally, in mid afternoon, came a doe and her two spotted fawns and up walked our long horn, spike.  His days are numbered.