The Corn Feeder, August 2, 2011

The corn feeder is set to throw corn a little after 7:00 AM, then again just after 7:00 PM.  On the 26th, the morning feed was slightly postponed when the feeder went off scaring the deer congregating around it.  One of the deer was one not seen before, a young, buck with forked horns, hopefully, he’ll grow up!

The next morning, shortly after the feeder went off, a crow decided to join the feeding festivities.  Looks like the crow is squarin’ off against the deer.  Not ten minutes later, probably the same crow, is nonchalantly feeding while the deer, including the long horn, spike are looking on.
Early the morning of July 28th, this coon and young 6 pointer look like they are choosing their fighting positions.  Normally both get along peacefully, but food is food!

Tropical Storm, Don, fizzled out, only dropping a inch of rain on South Padre Island and the lower Rio Grande Valley.  We had been praying that the storm would be a real wet one and would break our statewide drought, but this means that the chance of food plots looks slimmer and slimmer.  This week we’ll put another feeder up and this one will be loaded with one-fourth, high protein pellets and three-fourths, corn.  We’ll see how this works.