The Water Trough, July 18, 2012

This deer season, 2012, is shaping up to be a winner!  Around here, Mills County, Texas it will be a good “horn” year, there has been a good fawn crop and all of last year’s doe and fawns made it to this year.  Last year, until late December and its rain, we were facing an epic drought, not only Mills County, but all across our State and the southwest.  Conditions are much better now, good rains through the spring, but we could stand a couple of “gully washers”!

Last week, we had gone to Auburn, Alabama to play in a Senior Softball tournament, but the game cams kept “shooting” away.  Bucks are grouping up and will keep doing this until deer season as this “shot” of  5 bucks coming to water shows.

Two days later, 2 more, one a nice one, came in.

The next day, a 7 and 8 pointer came in, followed later by this really good 10 pointer!
Two days later this big deer that I’d not seen before came to water, he was a new one and quite camera shy and later these bucks, a 9, 8, 8, and 8 pointers came in.


Then, early the next morning, a doe, spike, a 4 pointer and a pretty good 8 came in followed by a real nice 8.
Looks like deer season will be a good ‘un!