More Outdoors Pictures, July 21, 2012

The comedy group is still with us, but one of the group is not around.  Who knows what happened, but right now, one is missing, maybe cats, or a coyote or even another coon?
Fawns, right now I have a bunch, but it’s hard to pair up a fawn with a doe, so I’ll just group the “shots” together.  You know, a doe will bond with another doe’s fawn and take over mothering.  Another thing that I’ve noticed, mature doe are only having a single fawn this year, because of last year’s record drought.  Doe that came into estrus during the first cycle, the time of the drought, are only having one fawn.  By the time of the second cycle, mid December, the weather pattern had changed and we got the much needed, rain.



The last “shot” on the 16th shows a fawn “getting a drink”, while the doe she’s nursing looks like she’ll have another one, could this be a “bonding” issue?