The Rest Of the Story About Opening Day

Our firearms, deer season opened this past Saturday and long before dawn I was sitting in tripod stand on the back of my property, seeing a huge buck before shooting time and watching more doe than I could count. But unknown to me, things were happening around another stand. This huge buck, pictured below, a 10 pointer, casually walked across the open space in front of the stand and was caught by a game cam. Of course, this blind, barely visible in a tree in the upper right of the picture, was hunter free.

A little later, this young buck, probably a 9 or 10, sauntered across the same open space.

Compounding the “not being there” problem, I have come down with a bad case of allergies and was so stopped up and coughing, yesterday morning, I couldn’t even get out hunting. With the bucks moving around, our cedar trees are pollinating causing an allergy explosion with me and most of the other residents of central Texas!

Sometimes, life is hard!