More Outdoors Pictures, November 12, 2010

Ev Simms, a Senior Softball buddy, sent me this picture of a coyote he bagged on his ranch in Jackson County, Texas. It’s a nice one!


He waited all day Saturday and Sunday morning in one blind for the big deer they’d seen on their game cams. His son hunted the same blind Sunday afternoon and got this beauty!

On November 2, just before good, light a buck came in to browse on the corn outside of the feeder enclosure. His rack size is undeterminable.

Here’s another “shot” of my melanistic deer.

This “shot” of two doe fighting qualifies as the most unusual one of the year. It was almost topped by the same doe, or another one, in the background of the second picture, fighting with, perhaps, my melanistic deer. It’s either a training session for the yearling, or the doe has picked a fight with an undersized opponent!