The Honey Hole Revisited

Getting up before the chickens, I got to Patrick’s house at 4:30 AM and Brian his neighbor had overslept, however we were on the road by 4:50.  Our drive, except for the dozing was uneventful and we pulled up to the “Honey Hole” an hour before shooting time.

The water was higher than I’d ever seen it, so we loaded our gear into Patrick’s boat and took off on a very slow trip across the pond.  Shooting time came and went, we heard some booming in the distance, but no teal were attracted to our spread.  The picture shows Patrick and Brian in their hide.

Soon Brian’s gun boomed and he knocked down one of the speedsters, the teal coming in low and not flaring until the last moment, this was the first blue wing teal of the morning, Tank picked up the duck and our morning started.

Tank, the Lab, pictured below with a teal he retrieved from the thick stuff behind us,

On some teal we shot holes in the sky, but overall we got half a limit.  Here’s our “strap” of teal, 2 blue wings and 4 green wings.