It’s been raining for the past 2 hours, not a deluge, but a good steady rain, praise the Lord and the forecast for today is 100% chance of rain, 60% for tomorrow, 50% for Saturday and 30% Sunday, that’s hard to beat!  The reason for this wonderful forecast is a “cold” front colliding with an upper level low and slowly moving toward the southeast maybe it’ll bring some relief to our drought stricken Country?

It figures that the rain would screw something up, Mickey Donahoo and I had a dove hunt planned for this afternoon and he just called and we both decided that getting wet wasn’t the best thing to do.  However, the practice would put us in good stead for Saturday morning’s opening of our State’s Special Teal Season, we are planning to go to the “Honey Hole” and have a go at the little ducks.

We did get some practice this past week on the white wings with some half limit shooting, but if we hadn’t missed some easy shots, we’d been close to limiting out.  Sometimes, around the little lake, the footing isn’t the best, chalk that up to some misses, then the situation where a snap shot is taken, more misses and finally, sometimes we shoot in front of the doves, sometimes, more likely, behind them, but it can’t be beat being outdoors!

There was an opportunity for one picture.  There’s a spoil bank where the owner opened up the far end of the lake to drain the water into the deeper parts.  Mickey and I were going to stand back to back, each looking in a different direction, and not having to yell back in forth, “There’s a bird behind you, or coming in from the right or left.”  So much for that plan!