The Corn Feeder, September 26, 2011

Last weekend I moved the game cam to another feeder, because no good bucks were feeding there, lots of doe and spikes, but no good bucks.  The move was rewarding because right away, good bucks started showing up.  It started on the morning of the 21st when a wide 6 pointer with small brow tines posed for a “shot”.  With him was a small 6 and a spike.  Shortly after that, a big spike showed up, he’s been “shot” at the other feeder too.

The next morning another wide 6 with long brow tines, two other deer and a cottontail posed.  Twenty minutes later a 7, a 6 and two others were feeding.
Not 10 minutes later, bingo, up walked up a real good 8 pointer, from his “falling” chest, he’s probably 5-1/2 years old.  With him were two 6’s and as the big 8 was leaving, he posed for this “shot”.
Friday morning I swapped memory cards and the only “shot” on it were these 4 dove.

We’re still mired in our drought, in fact the whole southwest of our country is.  Racks on our bucks aren’t well developed, on my place, one 8 pointer and a 9 have good spreads, with some mass, but the palmated 8 in my post, “[The Water Trough], September 15, 2011” is the best buck seen to date.