More Outdoors Pictures, September 23, 2011

A softball friend living in an upscale area near Austin, Texas, sent me these “shots” from his back yard game camera.  Stop and think, these “shots” are taken within 10 miles of our State capitol, a major metropolitan area!   The first is of a dog (male) coyote, a big one and the second is of a coon, almost as big as the coyote.
Two weeks later, what looks to be a bitch (female) coyote showed up at his water bucket.

Nine days later, a nice 8 pointer showed up, then a different coyote, smaller and probably a female showed itself.
Randy Pfaff, Pastor of the Crossroads Cowboy Church in southern Colorado sent me these 2 pictures, one of 2 mule deer, bucks, both in velvet and the other of one of his friends smiling and sporting a nice big horn ram!  I’d smile too!