The Big Country – The Bobcat

Opening morning of Deer season I hunted on my ranch in MillsCcounty and shooting a doe, I decided to get on out to the Millersview lease that afternoon to see if the Deer were still coming into the stock tank.

Having climbed up into a good size shin oak and securing myself in a fork, I unslung my rifle and began searching for bucks and does. Soon a 6 pointer walks right beside my tree, goes to the tank and gets himself a drink. Hmmm, not bad for openers.

I notice movement to my right and turning, I spot a half grown Bobcat stalking some birds feeding in and around the prickly pear. He is about the same size of a year old house cat and as the “Friends Of Wildlife” say, “Sooo cute!” The Cat is busy hunting and hasn’t even thought a human would be within 15 feet of him.

Watching him for several minutes, I finally decide to scare him away and get on with my sightseeing for Deer. Being up in the tree I couldn’t pick up a cow chip or rock and toss it at him, so I ponder the situation and remember the empty hull of the bullet I shot the doe with this morning is still in the left pocket of my camo shirt.

The cat is still hunting away as I flip the empty hull toward him and it lands just to his rear, making a tinkling noise. He jumps about 3 feet up in the air, spins around, hisses and hits the ground running, heading for points unknown!

I hunted the area of the stock tank often and never saw a Bobcat again.