The “A Frame”

Seeing the big bass guarding it’s nest, I figured there would be no catching her, so just for practice, I flipped the motor oil colored, 6 inch worm just passed the nest.  Slowly dragging the worm over the nest, the big bass gently picked it up and deposited it outside.   Trying the same cast again, but letting it sit a little longer, I drug the worm over the nest, the bass picked it up and I set the hook, gotcha’ now!

This fish was, to say the least, angry, angry at being hooked and not guarding the nest, but no way it could have known that I’d return it back to the pond and then it could go back to standing watch.  The neat thing about all of this, the water was crystal clear and the bass fighting on the surface, gave me an added show!  Two jumps, some short runs and several wallows later, I reached down and lipped the beauty.  She’d obviously just spawned and her tail was scared from fanning out the nest, so I “guesstimated” her weight at 8 pounds, removed the hook and returned her to the water.  Of course, no pictures!

Randy and I were fishing the day this happened in March of 1981 and he’d recently received permission to fish in the small pond, about 1/4th acre, with the stipulation that all bass would be returned to the water!  Overlooking the pond was an A frame cabin, hence we called the place “A Frame”.  Interesting to note was the exceptionally clear water, especially for around Metro Houston and the pond was only about 3 miles by car from our house.

A year later Randy and his girl friend, Shellie were fishing at the “A Frame” and he hooked into a real nice bass.  Before he returned the bass to the water, Shellie took this picture of Randy holding up his prize, looks like she hadn’t spawned and she’s well over 8 pounds!

Could this be the same one that I’d caught the year before, because I don’t think the pond would be big enough for two bass this size?  Maybe this is a case of double jeopardy, almost!